Adding photos to your blog

Chris Wheal teaches LSJ students some key things about adding photos and other media to their blogs

Entering Utah on a road trip

Craig Sisterson entering Utah on a road trip

Chris Wheal told the London School of Journalism students in October that visuals were an important part of online publishing. Modern publishing is about multimedia, not just words. To have the best blogs and websites, we need to include photos, videos, and sound clips that will help inform and entertain our readers, capture their attention, and keep it.

In a follow-up class to our introductory lecture, Chris Wheal demonstrated how to include photos in WordPress blogs, as well as how to add videos from YouTube – either in a blog post itself or in the sidebar.

I have added a YouTube video in an earlier post, and one of my own YouTube videos into the sidebar to the right. The photo I have included above is one of my own, from my recent trip to the United States in September, so I have added it directly from my computer.

Where bloggers use photos from other websites, Chris cautioned us to link to the photo on the original website, rather than downloading it onto our computers then uploading it from our computers onto our own blogs.

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